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Dreaming of creating a new home?  Feeling overwhelmed at where to begin the process?  Have a rental property and are actively looking to retire?

Looking to Get Involved

Gripped by extremely low interest rates offered by the banks?  Have a vision of achieving more? Does getting in property sound more appealing?

Helping You Achieve Success

Looking to Get a Better Return than Bank Interest Rates?

At Phoenix Inspired Properties our vision is to provide a higher return, beating the banks and actively seeking to avoid other high risks options.

Financial benefits are important but, in addition, we  aim to utilise the resources at our disposal to bring distressed and unloved properties brought back into use.  This “win win win” solution sees you benefit, tenants benefitting as well as assisting councils to regenerate and bring back into use vacant premises.


Why Get Involved?

Financial Gain: Higher Return on Savings

Public Good: Supporting Local Communities and seeing them flourish

Bricks and Mortar: there is something quite reassuring about having an asset that you can see, touch and feel.


What we invest in:

Distressed Properties

Properties that have been unlived in for a long time

Those properties which, while unloved, have potential

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Have a property for sale?

Selling a house can be challenging. For some it feels downright frustrating, taking many months to move forward. At Phoenix Inspired Properties we seek to help relieve some of that stress by supporting those who are looking to sell due to a number of factors: moving country or job, family upheaval, financial difficulties or various other, equally important, reasons. 

Two of the ways we can help you:

We could purchase your property at a mutually acceptable price so that you can secure the necessary funds and release you from the ongoing burdens associated with property ownership.

Alternatively, if we are not able to proceed with an immediate purchase, for example if your house is in negative equity or we cannot get a valuation, we could explore the possibility of a Managed Purchase Option. This is a flexible (and legal) agreement that sees us take on the responsibility of the property, freeing you of any current financial burden, so you are able to move forward now.

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About Us

Why Phoenix?  The legionary Phoenix , rooted in ancient Greek mythology, is a creature that has the power to regenerate from its own ashes, often being seen to burst into flames.  While of ancient origin we notice the use of this image and hear it mentioned, from time to time, in modern popular literature and culture.

The vision of new life, of new hope, arising from decay and abandonment is something that inspired us to want to begin this journey and to make a difference.  It is one of the reasons why we considered this legendary creature to be an appropriate image and metaphor for what we, as a company, are about.

We hear, so often, how there is such a shortage of good, quality homes.  We witness people struggling to get on to the property market.  We feel it is important to support local communities in renovating and bringing back to life empty, disused, uncared for or distressed properties so that they can become homes again, so that they can become centres of activity where families and individuals can, once again, follow their dreams.

 Together we can make a difference.

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